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 Zte F285 V5.1 Unlocking

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PostSubject: Zte F285 V5.1 Unlocking    Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:53 pm

How To Unlock

open download tool execute OG_DL_VMI_QSC6010V1.00.02

Load OG_VMI_F285_RBTL32NV1.1.0B06 and press start

Download tool will proceed with several steps

Then will start 8.2 that will last 5-6 minutes

warning >>> plug out the cable as soon as 8.2 stops dont wait >>> plug the cable out
dont plug the cable when progress bar is running

(step 8.2 will stop and progress bar will stop for 2 second only plug out cable)

thats all !!!!!

Enjoy All Sim
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Zte F285 V5.1 Unlocking
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