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 samsung b559

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PostSubject: samsung b559   Tue May 10, 2011 9:48 pm

is there a way to connect samsung sch-b559 to pc???? i tried using samsung pc studio but it is not detecting the phone....
thanks in advance
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PostSubject: Re: samsung b559   Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:32 pm

I had purchase samsung cdma sch-m569 dated 21/04/2009 in surat, gujarat.from vansh
traders-salabatpura-surat. Retail invoice, bill no-113, net amount -9900/-.

Vansh traders say me this model avilable call recording faclitty available so i
trust and purchase this model.

But call recording not in our phone i many many try call customer care but not
possible this model call recording. Call recording function in our set error- not
support in 4gv call.

I am very busy and big businessman so not immediately going customer care & vansh
traders because i am busy.

But you note samsung user manual sch-m-569 book i have it & i read page no 21
clearly write call recording method.

But i going surat customer care samsung-ring road, majura gate not understand this
phone call recording faclitty not any proper solution. Also i today call customer
care samsung he say this phone some phone avilable and some not avilable this
faclitty.not proper give answer.

Why are you samsung write iin user manual book call recording possible.

Please sir note samsung this model not possible call recording i search in our
circle but why are samsung write.

But i need call recording function.

I purchase & select this model because call recording function.
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samsung b559
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