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 Motorola CDMA

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PostSubject: Motorola CDMA   Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:34 pm

Motorola service code are different then motorola unlock codes. This codes are for motorola cdma phones and not for motorola gsm mobile phones.

For V60c programming:
Service menu: 74663 # (programming code)
Test mode: [Menu] 073887 *
security code = 000000

For StarTAC 7760/7860 programming:
Service menu: FCN+0+000000+000000+RCL
Test mode: FCN 00**83786633 STO
security code = 000000

ALL Motorola Phones:
•Press 74663 # FCN FCN
•Enter 6 digit OTKSL
•Enter MIN and press Sto
•Enter 4 digit Sid i.e.,4654 and press Sto
•Press Sto once again
•Programming is complete

Motorola Tarpon (120x)
•Enter 74663
•Quickly press # Menu Menu
•Enter 6 digit OTKSL
•MIN will be highlighted
•Select CHANGE by selecting top button
•Select DELETE
•Enter the 10 digit MIN and press OK
•Scroll to CDMA Sys ID
•Select CHANGE by selecting the right button
•Enter SID and press OK
•Select DONE by selecting the top left button
•Press END
•Programming is complete
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Motorola CDMA
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